Williamstown Public Events Space

Williamstown Public Events Space

Seaworks Williamstown is an ideal venue for public events due to its unique waterfront location and versatile facilities. The picturesque backdrop of Port Phillip Bay and Melbourne’s skyline creates a stunning ambiance, making it perfect for gatherings, festivals, and celebrations.

The spacious indoor and outdoor areas offer ample room for diverse activities, from concerts and exhibitions to markets and food festivals. With its historical charm and maritime heritage, Seaworks provides a captivating atmosphere that appeals to visitors of all ages. The venue’s accessibility, ample parking, and proximity to public transportation further enhance its suitability for hosting engaging and inclusive public events.


There is no limit to what can be organised at Seaworks. Our open space area covers 1.5 hectares. We cater to large public events and festivals ranging from food and wine shows, markets, large boat shows, tall ship visits, car and bike shows, exhibition and art shows and theatre performances.

Types of Public Event Opportunities

Wine & Food Events

Seaworks Williamstown is an ideal venue for Wine, Spirit & Food events due to its picturesque waterfront location and versatile spaces. With stunning views and ample outdoor areas, it provides a charming ambiance for guests to savor gourmet offerings. Its proximity to local wineries and access to fresh seafood make it a perfect choice for indulging in culinary delights.

Art Shows & Exhibitions

Seaworks Williamstown provides an ideal venue for art shows and exhibitions due to its captivating waterfront location and versatile spaces. The stunning backdrop of the bay enhances the visual experience, while the ample indoor and outdoor areas accommodate diverse artistic displays. Its rich maritime heritage adds a unique charm, fostering a dynamic atmosphere for showcasing creativity.

Car Shows Venue

Seaworks Williamstown is an excellent venue for car shows, offering a range of benefits for automotive enthusiasts. Its spacious indoor and outdoor areas can accommodate a large number of vehicles, allowing for impressive displays and demonstrations. The picturesque waterfront setting adds to the overall appeal, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for car enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Music and Food Festivals

Seaworks Williamstown is the perfect venue for music and food festivals, combining scenic beauty with practicality. Its expansive outdoor spaces can accommodate multiple stages for live performances, while the stunning waterfront backdrop creates a captivating atmosphere. The versatile indoor areas are ideal for food vendors, offering a variety of culinary delights. Together, these elements make Seaworks Williamstown an ideal destination for memorable music and food festivals.

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Past Events

Greatest Show in the Universe
Jamaican Music & Food Festival
Out On The Weekend
Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain
Now and Again Festival
Markers & Shakers Market
Handmade Bike Show Australia
Williamstown Highland Celtic Festival

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There is no limit to what can be organised at Seaworks. Our open space area covers 1.5 hectares.

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