Thursday, 10th August 2023

What to do in Williamstown, Victoria

Nestled on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, the historic seaport of Williamstown is a picturesque gem that beckons travellers with its rich maritime history, stunning waterfront views, and an array of activities.

From maritime museums and scenic walks to breath-taking views across the Melbourne skyline and charming boutiques, this coastal town promises an unforgettable getaway.

Seaside Strolls and Breathtaking Views:

Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the mesmerising sea views along Williamstown Beach. Take a leisurely stroll along the historic esplanade, where you can admire the Victorian-era architecture and quaint cottages that line the streets. The jaw-dropping sunsets over the bay are a photographer’s dream, so be sure to capture these magical moments.

Where all good Pirates come… to dance and sing:

Nestled within the Seaworks Maritime precinct, this charming tavern offers a unique blend of nautical nostalgia and live music. With its weathered wooden beams, maritime artefacts, and dim lantern lighting, the Pirates Tavern exudes an unmistakable aura of old-world maritime charm.

SEA More Events in Williamstown:

Famous for its maritime museum, Seaworks also has an ever changing and diverse event calendar. Its sprawling waterfront setting lends itself to a SEA of entertainment, from handmade bicycle show that ignite passion in cycling community, to vibrant craft markets brimming with local treasures and global flavours. The venue’s dynamic space transforms effortlessly, playing host to huge music festivals, while also embracing world-class exhibitions that showcase maritime history, creativity and the arts. Seaworks paints a tapestry of possibilities, promising endless excitement and discovery for all who step through its doors.

Explore Maritime History:

Williamstown is steeped in maritime heritage, and no visit would be complete without a trip to the
Seaworks Maritime Precinct or the HMAS Castlemaine, a World War II naval vessel turned floating museum, offering a glimpse into Australia’s  naval past. The Seaworks Maritime Museum provides
an engaging insight into the region’s maritime history through interactive exhibits and artefacts.
The museum has a large collection of Naval artefacts the Colonial Navy, and the navel dockyard.

A Journey Through Time:

The Seaworks Maritime Museum takes visitors on an immersive journey through time, allowing
them to relive pivotal moments in Australia’s maritime history. The exhibits weave together narratives of exploration, conflict, and innovation, highlighting the Navy’s integral role in shaping the nation’s destiny. A standout attraction is the display showcasing the colonial origins of the Australian Navy. The exhibit brings to life the birth of the naval force in Williamstown, offering a glimpse into the fledgling days of a maritime power that would evolve into the modern Royal Australian Navy we know today.

Visit the Gem Pier:

Step onto the iconic Gem Pier, which serves as a gateway to Williamstown’s maritime past. You will find the HMAS Castlemaine. The pier also boasts fantastic fishing opportunities, making it a favourite spot for anglers.

Williamstown Botanic Gardens:

Escape the bustling waterfront and find serenity within the charming Williamstown Botanic Gardens. With its collection of native and exotic plants, and walking paths, the gardens are a perfect place for a peaceful retreat or a family picnic.

Delightful Dining and Culinary Exploration:

Indulge your taste buds with a diverse range of dining options that cater to every palate. From seafood eateries serving the freshest catches to cozy cafes, you’ll find a variety of culinary experiences to savour.
And if you’re looking for variety, then a visit to Grazeland in Spotswood is not to be missed. It is Melbourne’s most exciting new culinary precinct: a playground for foodies and families that brings
tantalising food and entertainment together in one fabulous location.

Aviation Discovery at Point Cook:

For aviation enthusiasts, a visit to the RAAF Museum at Point Cook is a must. Explore the history of the Royal Australian Air Force through engaging exhibits, vintage aircraft displays, and interactive experiences. It’s a journey through the skies that’s both educational and exciting.

So much to SEA:

The historic seaport of Williamstown is a treasure trove of experiences. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, a foodie, or an adventurer, this coastal town has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and set sail for a memorable journey through the enchanting streets and shores of Williamstown, Victoria.