Thursday, 15th June 2023

Seaworks Presents Winter Solstice Festival

Celebrating Maritime Heritage, Huge Art Installations, Giant Puppets, Circus Performances, Food & Wine.

Seaworks is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Winter Solstice Festival, an extraordinary celebration of maritime heritage, captivating art installations, giant puppets, mesmerizing circus performances, and a delightful array of food and mulled wine. This FREE festival will take place on 23rd June, 2023, at Seaworks Williamstown.

The Winter Solstice Festival offers a remarkable platform to immerse oneself in the enchanting history and traditions of the maritime roots deeply embedded in the local community. From the mesmerizing craftsmanship of traditional wooden boat building to the awe-inspiring presence of giant puppets, circus performers, and magnificent inflatable sculptures, the festival highlights the vibrant and diverse talents of Seaworks’ esteemed tenants.

This unique event provides an opportunity for attendees to embrace the spirit of the season in the dynamic atmosphere of our maritime venue. By blending creativity, culture, and community, the Winter Solstice Festival promises to create a memorable and engaging experience for all who join.

“We are delighted to bring the Winter Solstice Festival to Seaworks,” said Glenn Jones, Seaworks Executive Officer. “It serves as a fantastic platform to showcase the incredible talents of our tenants and to celebrate the rich maritime heritage that defines our community.”

Free Event

The Winter Solstice Festival is a FREE event, welcoming individuals of all ages to partake in the festivities. Further details and updates can be found on the official Seaworks website at

The Seaworks Winter Solstice Festive was Made possible with the support of Hobsons Bay City Council – Make It Happen Program and the Victorian Government