Saturday, 04th November 2023

New Lighting System Thanks To Mobil Melbourne Terminal

Seaworks Maritime Museum Recognizes Mobil Melbourne Terminal for Generous Contribution Towards New Lighting System

The Seaworks Maritime Museum is pleased to announce and extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Mobil Melbourne Terminal team for their generous and invaluable contribution towards funding a new lighting system in our maritime museum.

Seaworks recently invested $10,000 in a project aimed at improving the overall ambiance and visibility within the museum through the installation of new track lighting. This initial funding was made possible by the steadfast support of our loyal visitors, who generously donated over time. Mobil Melbourne Terminal, recognizing the significance of this project, has kindly matched this contribution, enabling the acquisition of additional spotlights to further enhance the visitor experience.

We wish to express our genuine appreciation for the substantial funding provided by the Mobil Melbourne Terminal team. Their support is pivotal to the ongoing success and development of our museum, ensuring that future generations have the opportunity to learn, explore, and deeply appreciate our rich maritime heritage.

The lighting project, now shining brightly within the museum, was made possible through the combined efforts of our dedicated visitors, demonstrating the profound community support and interest in preserving our maritime history. We are also thankful to Sonic Lighting for supplying the lighting components and BeeSafe Electrical for the installation.

The Seaworks Maritime Museum remains committed to creating an engaging experience for all our visitors. The new lighting system significantly contributes to the enhancement of our exhibits.