Wednesday, 10th January 2024

Event Health & Safety Guidelines at Seaworks

Running an event at a place as dynamic and vibrant as Seaworks is an exhilarating experience. However, ensuring the health and safety of attendees, staff, and volunteers is paramount to guaranteeing a successful and incident-free occasion.

With that in mind, here’s a health and safety checklist to consider when organizing an event at Seaworks.

Crowd Control

Crowd control stands as a crucial aspect of event management. Clear signage, strategic entry and exit plans, and emergency protocols are vital. Managing crowd flow, popular spaces, and anticipating potential crowd-pushing areas demand meticulous planning. Adequate stewarding and barriers help prevent chaos, especially in situations involving alcohol, where disruptions may escalate due to intoxication.

Staff & Volunteers

The safety and well-being of staff and volunteers should never be overlooked. Assessing risks associated with their roles—such as heavy lifting, crowd management, or dealing with hazardous situations—is imperative. Provide adequate training and clear directions to prepare them for various scenarios.

Traffic Management

Traffic management plays an equally critical role. Proper marshalling, signage, parking arrangements, and dedicated pedestrian access are necessary to ensure a smooth flow of traffic in and around the event premises. Thoroughly mapping risk areas and devising contingency plans minimize potential incidents and create a safer environment.


Weather will always remains a challenge. Check the weather; before after and during the event. While it’s impossible to control weather conditions, preparing for adverse scenarios—be it extreme heat, cold, wind, storms, dust, or smoke—is essential. By anticipating potential weather-related disruptions, event organizers can proactively mitigate risks and prevent chaos when faced with unexpected weather changes.

In conclusion, meticulous planning, thorough risk assessment, and proactive measures are indispensable when organizing an event at Seaworks. Prioritizing health and safety not only ensures a successful event but also creates a secure and enjoyable experience for all involved.